Drawing is an exercise for me to keep record of moments and thoughts, real andimagined. To tell true stories and to make up ones I wish or believe to be true. I keep these records side by side so reality is displaced among the imagined. Making visual artwork gives me a way to file and organize my observationsfor the chance to witness them from a distance; to see myself and other humans as the strange, hilarious, simple, and complicated creatures that we are. When I leave tracks for myself in the form of drawings, zines, paintings, and letters I end up collecting an archive of playful, slightly morbid and comically puzzling memories and ideas.

    Visually, my work mimics natural movement and in order to find cadence in organic shapes I focus on repetitive line work, and find satisfaction in organic and geometric pattern. I strive for balance between intricacy and simplicity in concept, composition, line, and shapes. Many themes get repeated and characters reappear, creatures and plants that represent and help me understand my self and others.  I struggle with and give into symmetry, accept humor and embrace sarcasm.